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Are your everyday cereals starting to taste a bit predictable? Pour milk and sugar on gari and enjoy a new take on the most important meal of the day.

A snack

A snack

Gari makes a great snack or a side-dish. In Ghana, Gari is eaten as a side dish with plantain and beans, rice and beans and other dishes.

The Main Course

The Main Course

Gari makes a great main course. In Nigeria, a delicious plate of Eba and Egusi soup is a treat anyone would enjoy

How is Gari Made?

This super grain from West Africa comes from the Cassava plant

To make gari, cassava plants are harvested, peeled, cut up into smaller chunks, blended and dehydrated in a process that can sometimes take days. What's left after the excess water is drained is then slowly roasted and stirred intermittently until it turns to Gari grains.

What's the shelf life of Gari?

Good question, and we're glad you asked

A search on the web will tell you gari has an average shelf life of about 6 months, however when properly sealed, gari can last for years, making it a great choice for doomsday preppers the world over. 🙂

What makes Our Gari Unique?

You mean besides the spectacular quality?

Most gari you'll buy on the market is packaged in sealed plastic bags that are typically not re-sealable once opened. This makes it difficult to store gari once purchased. Maria's Foods' gari comes exquisitely packaged in screw-top plastic containers. Did we mention the spectacular quality?

Maria's Ghana Gari

Bottle Dimensions:

6.6 inches H

3.3 inches W

3.3 inches D

What's in a package?

On our site you have these options:

3-Pack of Gari

Combo-pack with Maria’s Shito

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