The World's best kept Secret Hot Sauce

“Shito” is the Ghanaian word for locally prepared hot sauce recipes. The black colored Shito, now conveniently packaged by Maria’s Foods is probably the most popular blend of shito, undoubtedly due to how well it compliments just about any dish you can think of.

The otherworldly taste and dark color of Shito come from the dried shrimp and fish powder that’s combined with fresh ingredients and fried in vegetable oil to concoct this delightful condiment.

Take your taste-buds on a journey

If you’ve ever tried Shito before, you know it’s unlike any hot sauce you’ve ever tasted. Infact, most Ghanaians know that one friend or relative that takes globs of the stuff to the face straight out of the jar. If you’re new to it, prepare to enjoy a hot sauce that’s in a class of it’s own when it comes to taste, and nicely compliments a variety of dishes.

Real heat for real hot sauce lovers

Maria’s Shito comes with three different heat intensity levels. Just keep in mind that what Ghanaians consider spicy usually crosses the threshold on what most of the Western world considers spicy. If you’re accustomed to very spicy food, choose the “HOT” option, otherwise the “MILD” Shito provides the same great taste with a more gentle touch.

Shito straight from science fiction

At Maria’s, we kept our mad scientists in our Shito Research Laboratories with nothing but a lifetime’s supply of our Shito, Banku, Tilapia and instructions to come up with a better way to package Shito. At the end of the designated period, we unsealed the hatches to basically find all of them sleeping so we took the Shito that was left and put them in these unique bottles. Well, allegedly.

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